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Innovation hubs to tackle Youth Inclusion challenges

Building on its 12 years of experience in Youth inclusion, the LP4Y Alliance launched the YouthLAB project. In the Paris suburbs
(Seine-Saint-Denis) and in New York City, the YouthLAB are innovation hubs to tackle Youth Inclusion challenges.
They are gathering places, locally based in underserved areas and close to communities, each with a specific focus.


While both aim at connecting the local actors, each YouthLAB has a specific mission. One focuses on recruiting, training, and sending inclusion professionals on international solidarity missions. The other focuses on spreading the voice of the Youth, sharing our field experience and expertise within the United Nations and public institutions, and raising awareness amongst the global ecosystem.


Our teams in NYC and Paris organize regular events connecting the local ecosystem.
During these meetings, the attendees can share their thoughts and solutions to provide better Youth inclusion.


To share the good ideas emerging during the various events we organize, we generate reports and gather helpful publications.
They are all accessible on our website, so feel free to consult them and get inspired!


If you are looking to get involved with young people and use your know-how to support inclusion on the field,
check our volunteering offers and join our Catalyst team!


You would like to get involved in any way, or if you are representing an organization or an inclusion network: let’s get in touch! We surely have a lot to bring to each other and we would be happy to connect with you.

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